NerdHQ is an event that takes place during the same weekend as Comic-Con in San Diego, CA.  It’s founded by Zachary Levi of “Chuck” and “Tangled” fame.  The event is free to attend and showcases cutting edge technology, offers charging stations for mobile devices, exclusive parties, autograph signings, and photo opportunities with celebrities.  NerdHQ offers something unique: the “Conversations for a Cause” panel series which are live-streamed for free and help to raise money for Operation Smile.  Zachary Levi is currently attempting to crowd-fund NerdHQ for 2014 and I was willing to make a modest contribution.  I made my contribution, added a badge to my blog, and wished Zachary Levi all the best.  NerdHQ sounded fun and I was happy to help.  But then, I saw something that made me realize NerdHQ isn’t only something fun that happens the same time as Comic-Con; it’s important.

Facebook notified me of a trending video where Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher!) answers a little girl who wants to know how to deal with being called a nerd.  His response is amazing.  Something equally amazing is the parents of that same little girl commented on Wil Wheaton’s blog stating that not only is their daughter friends with the girl who was bullying her; their daughter stands up for another little girl being bullied.  Wil Wheaton’s graciousness and kindness made a difference in this little girl’s life.  What struck me the most about his response was that he let this little girl know she wasn’t alone.  The world is full of nerds.

I am proud to call myself a nerd.  My nerdiness especially manifests itself when I laugh myself silly over books devoted to grammar mistakes.  I recommend “Anguished English” to any of my fellow grammar nerds.  I am also a literature nerd, a sci-fi nerd, a fantasy nerd, a music nerd…I’m a nerd in far too many ways to mention.  And, that is why I think NerdHQ is important.

All people have moments where they feel isolated; sure they don’t fit in.  NerdHQ is a place where EVERYONE fits in.  Whether your passion is video games, new technology, letting loose on a dance floor, or coming up with the most unique question ever for your favorite celebrity, NerdHQ has something for you.  You will fit in.  Everyone else hanging out at NerdHQ will be a nerd, just like you.  I think that’s valuable and worth supporting.  If you agree, visit the campaign page here.  If not, that’s okay too!  Let me sign off with this:

If someone calls you a nerd, the best response is “Thank You”.

Thank you:)
K.A.M. Boham (proud nerd)