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I’m excited to be a part of VeganMoFo this year but, when I signed up, I didn’t have a theme.  Vegan Adventures, I typed into the sign-up form.  I knew this category was broad but I figured something would come to me as I began to blog.

Well, I have a theme!  I’m  challenging myself to thirty days of the McDougall Diet and my VeganMoFo blogs will consist of home-cooked meals as well as the challenges of eating out and traveling while adding oil and caffeine free to my diet description.  Why the McDougall Diet?  Well…

…some background.  I’d wanted to switch to a vegan lifestyle years ago but was convinced I couldn’t meet my nutritional needs without meat, eggs, and dairy.  I was consumed with fear that, the moment I switched to a vegan diet, my health would nosedive resulting in my death.  And yet…my conscience was conflicted about eating animals and the contribution I was making to their suffering.  While I agonized, my health deteriorated.  Finally, blessings of blessings, The Kind Diet found its way into my hands.  This book gave me what I needed: the promise that I COULD meet all my nutritional needs following a lifestyle that brought me joy and peace instead of guilt and agony.  I meant to make the change slowly but was vegan within two weeks.  The change to my health was immediate.  Arthritis?  Gone!  Brain Fog?  Gone!  There were a myriad of other positive changes but too many to list here.

I’ve been vegan almost three years now and just had an appointment with my doctor.  My blood work was exceptional; eradicating that last little doubt floating around in my brain.  But now, I have to go further.  I’ve got a health issue I’ve been dealing with for twenty years and it’s time to say goodbye.  All my research says it’s possible through diet and exercise and that same research points me to the McDougall diet.  I wasn’t sure if this challenge was what I wanted to do but the cookbook I ordered (The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook) arrived yesterday and I took that to be a sign.  I was so excited I made three recipes from it within hours of its arrival.

I can’t say enough good things about vegan food.  The variety, the color, all the benefits:  giving up caffeine will probably be difficult but the end result will be worth it.  Once I get started cooking, all the things I have to give up get forgotten because my meals are so amazing.  For example; dinner last night was Veggie Benedicts.  I have some food to use up that’s limited on the McDougall diet and found this recipe a good choice.  The only addition I made to my English Muffin, tomato, avocado, and Hollandaise was a tofu scramble.  The result was deeply satisfying: an assurance that this change won’t be a hardship either but another celebration of Veganism.   I’m ready for a new adventure!

Veggie Benedicts!

Veggie Benedicts!