I admit it. I borrowed my title from the package of my hemp burger but I liked it so much…and imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

I like veggie burgers.  If one can be found that has the right texture, a veggie burger is a beautiful thing.  If the texture is wrong…well, the hunt continues.  I have a relatively new cookbook (American Vegan Kitchen) that has a recipe for something called The All American Incrediburger.  I’m determined to make this some day soon but, until then, making a veggie burger from scratch is a skill I have yet to add to my vegan repertoire. This Hemp, Greens, and Thyme burger is Hilary’s Eat Well brand. I’m a devotee of the Hilary’s Green Chile-Cumin-Adzuki bean burger and was looking forward to trying something new. Even better: I got the package on sale.
One of my favorite aspects of vegan eating is the time it takes to cook plant based food. This burger cooks from frozen in six minutes: three per side. I tossed some sliced onion in the pan and had myself the makings of a patty melt.
Anyone who shares my Midwest upbringing is familiar with the patty melt. I’ve never liked beef, even when I ate it, so patty melts always grossed me out. Not so anymore. This hemp burger went back in the pan with two slices of marble rye bread, the onion, and a slice of Daiya Swiss flavored cheese. Once it was perfectly grilled, I peeled it apart and deviated from the traditional patty melt design. I added spicy sprouts (clover and radish), two slices of heirloom tomato, and some stone ground mustard. The sprouts and tomato were, no doubt, an attempt to healthify (which is not a word but ought to be) my meal.  Patty at  http://wwwthevegancoach.com gave me a tip regarding Daiya cheese: for optimal melting, put it between layers. Doing so worked well for this sandwich.  The Hemp, Greens and Thyme burger was super tasty and had that perfect dense texture I look for in veggie burgers.  In my opinion, it couldn’t hope to match the yummy goodness of the Green Chile-Cumin and Adzuki bean burgers.  I’ll stock up on those the next time I find a sale.

Does anyone have a favorite veggie burger?  Let me know.  I love trying new things.

My wonderful sandwich.  I had to smish it before I could eat it:)

My wonderful sandwich. I had to smish it before I could eat it:)