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I’m in the process of researching the McDougall Diet and am specifically looking for negative reviews.  Why?  Because it is a good idea to see what the other side of a story is.  What are people saying about the diet?  Can people stay on it long term?  Is it too restrictive?  One person said the diet couldn’t be maintained because of a lack of satiety.  I haven’t experienced this: quite the opposite.  I have less of a desire to snack after 8pm because my meals are staying with me.  I know I’ve been feeling great during my challenge and don’t see any problem with keeping the changes I’ve already made.  I find my body is especially pleased with me for cutting back on fried foods.  That being so, what do I do when it’s time for take-out?

Tonight was one such night.  I didn’t get back to the house until early evening so my family and I decided to order in.  I perused the menus I had in the house and kept eliminating one after the other because everything was fried.  At last, I found the curry section in Thai Panda’s menu.  The description stated “oil-free” and I was in.

I like Thai Panda.  Their curries are perfectly spicy and I can re-use the take out dishes.  Also, Thai Panda offers steamed brown rice.  I ordered a Red Tofu Curry with brown rice and that was all.  All of the vegan side dish options were fried so no spring rolls for me.  I didn’t need them.  I have enough remaining curry for an entire meal tomorrow and I am satisfied.  It’s closing in on three hours since dinner and I’m not hungry.  And, most important of all, my meal tasted great.

I’m not ready to give up on the McDougall Diet: plus my challenge still has 3 days in it.  27 days does isn’t sufficient time to proclaim the diet lives up to its promises but I’ve seen a positive response in my body: the diet is doing what I wished it to.  And, research so far finds far more positive experiences with Dr. McDougall’s diet than negative.

Anyone out there have any experience with the McDougall Diet?  I’d love to hear about it.

Red Tofu Curry...yum

Red Tofu Curry…yum