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Colorado lived up to its reputation for crazy weather today.  A beautiful sunny morning turned black mid-afternoon and the wind, rain, and hail started.  When the storm died down, the parking lot at work looked like a snow storm had hit it.  Trees were stripped of leaves and I can only be grateful I didn’t lose the windshield to my car nor was my house damaged.  The temperature dropped at least 15 degrees and, by the time I was driving home in the rain, I was ready for some comfort food.  Tonight, that meant taco salads.

My mother is the true taco salad lover but I’ll admit to being a fan.  Mixed greens were topped with black and kidney beans cooked with cumin and chili spice, then I added black olives, heirloom tomatoes, and a sprinkling of Daiya cheese.  Added to all this was crushed baked organic blue corn chips and a sprinkling of Annie’s papaya dressing.  (I may have to rethink Annie’s after the purchase that happened: I’ll see what’s done with the brand).

Yum-oh.  The mix of crunchy, sweet, salty, and creamy satisfies on so many levels.  And, the meal comes together fast which is always a bonus.  My days only seem to get busier and I’m thrilled when I can have something healthy and tasty in less than 30 minutes.

Day 29!  I’ll have to come up with an amazing dinner tomorrow, or maybe just something fast.  I’ve got an evening class on Tuesdays so will need another less-than-30 minutes-meal.  Hmm…the possibilities are almost endless.  Happy second to last day!  I look forward to the other posts.

It took me longer to eat it than it did to make it:)

It took me longer to eat it than it did to make it:)