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Amanda Lynch’s tour for Anabel Divided is underway and she’ll be stopping by October 18th.  Tune in!  As preparation for the tour, I was given copies of Anabel Divided and Anabel Unraveled (Ms. Lynch’s first book) to read and review.

These books were not what I expected.  In Anabel Unraveled, the title character is on an island in the South Pacific which is used by the US Government to house the gold Americans think is in Fort Knox as well as a maximum security prison.  The book opens with the reader aware the title character’s father has been murdered.  The first chapter grabbed my attention immediately and I grew more interested as I read further along.  Why was the father so possessive?  Why were so many determined to keep Anabel on the island?  Are there secret experiments being conducted on the prisoners?  Is Anabel a clone of her actress mother?

This should give you an idea of the sort of books I usually read.  I was disappointed to discover the mystery was a secondary plot line.  The resolution took no more than a page.  Anabel Unraveled is about Anabel’s attraction to two different guys and her struggle to choose between them.  I will say her choice at the end is surprising and I’m sure it generates a lot of discussion at book clubs.

I enjoyed Anabel Divided more than the first book and that might be because I knew what to expect.  There’s a mystery introduced in the first chapter.  Once more, my hopes were aroused only to find the mystery is secondary to Anabel’s attraction to the same two guys from the first book.  My hope for a big dark secret about Anabel’s mother wasn’t satisfied but I was curious to find out who Anabel would choose in the end.  I’m not telling.  You’ll have to read it.

I found both books easy to read and well written: they just weren’t what I hoped they’d be.  I still wonder what was going on on that island.  So, if mysteries and thrillers are your thing, I don’t recommend these books.  If romances and love triangles are your things, then definitely pick up Anabel Unraveled and Anabel Divided.  There’s enough love triangle and sexual tension to please the pickiest reader.

Again, tune in on the 18th.  There are some opportunities to score gift cards and signed copies of the books during the tour.  I’ll update you when I know more.