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Fall is quickly descending into winter here in Colorado.  We’ve already had a bitter cold spell and the forecast calls for more snow this week.  It’s perfect weather to curl up in a comfy chair with a blanket, some tea, and a good book.  It’s also perfect weather for tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  This combination was a favorite of mine growing up but the tomato soup was always Campbell’s which contains dairy, and of course the sandwiches were made with either Kraft singles or slices of cheddar cheese.  But, choosing a vegan lifestyle does not mean one has to give up on favorite meals.  Thanks to Daiya Cheddar Cheese and Imagine Organic Tomato Soup, an old favorite is back on the menu, better than before.

I’m not sure I’ve ever proclaimed the awesomeness of Daiya cheese.  There are vegan artisan cheeses out there I’d love to get my hands on but they’re difficult to come by in Colorado.  I’ve only tried Follow Your Heart brand and Daiya.  I have not found a vegan cheese substitute that is as creamy as Daiya.  It’s rich so I use thin slices in my grilled sandwiches but Daiya melts beautifully and the sandwiches remind me of those I had when I was a child.

Finding a dairy free tomato soup was bit more difficult.  The canned soups all contained dairy.  Amy’s makes a tomato soup but I have trouble finding it on the shelves.  I hoped Pacific brand would be a vegan soup but, nope, it contains dairy.  Finding Imagine brand soup was a fluke.  I found it on the shelf of my local King Soopers but figured it would have dairy in it, especially as it’s called “Creamy Tomato Soup”.  If the container hadn’t been on sale and I weren’t an optimist, I’d never have taken it down and read the label.  When I found no dairy listed, I did a happy dance in the aisle, bought a container, and took it home.  The soup is creamy, so much so that I still have a hard time believing it’s dairy free, it’s full-flavored, and the perfect comfort food on a cold day.  My non-vegan family has happily made the switch.

Any cold weather favorites I should try?  I’m always looking for new tasty favorites.  Sending you warm wishes from chilly Colorado!

An Old Favorite, Veganized

An Old Favorite, Veganized