I find it strange that I’ll eat things as a vegan I never liked before the switch. One such meal item is the frittata I wrote about earlier: I never liked quiches or egg based dishes like the frittata whereas I look forward to the tofu versions. I can’t explain why.

I remember when McDonald’s debuted the egg and cheese (sometimes meat?) breakfast sandwiches with the maple infused biscuits. I always thought those sounded nasty. And yet, I recently made one although I didn’t start out planning to do so. I’ve made vegan versions of an egg and cheese sandwich in the past: I use Ezekiel brand English Muffins and sometimes add a slice of Yves brand Canadian bacon. On this particular occasion, I needed a meal fast and had a package of seitan bacon I’d found on sale and needed to use up. I gathered my ingredients and discovered I had only one English muffin left and it was cinnamon/raisin. I then remembered the McDonald’s sandwich. It had seemed fairly popular: maybe the mix of savory and sweet would be tasty. The seitan bacon was supposed to be spicy: maybe the muffin wouldn’t be too sweet.

All this is about to become a meal

All this is about to become a meal

I would buy this seitan bacon again. I’ve used tempeh and Light Life’s Smart Bacon, liked them both, and found this a nice change. It doesn’t cook up crispy like Light Life’s but does crisp around the edges and has a pleasant chewy texture without becoming impossible to bite through. It cooks in six minutes: three per side. I cook my tofu a little longer so it forms a crust on the outside but, as I’d toasted the muffin while the bacon and tofu was cooking, my sandwich was ready in ten minutes. I added a slice of Daiya cheddar-style cheese and eyed my creation. I have to admit; it didn’t look all that appetizing:



I didn’t let its looks fool me and sat myself down. The spicy bacon and sweet muffin did make an interesting contrast. It wasn’t unpleasant but I don’t think I’d make this again unless desperate times called for such a thing. I prefer unsweetened muffins. I can’t complain though: the sandwich was tasty but more importantly filling and fast. I was able to eat and get back to work in less than a half hour. When the writing is going well and the words are flowing, pesky things like eating become full blown irritations. A tofu, cheese, and bacon sandwich saves my…well…bacon. And, as I have a tendency to write in my pajamas, I appreciate not having to leave the house.