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I so wanted to attend the Natural Foods Expo West in California this year!  It wasn’t possible but I’ve enjoyed attending vicariously through pictures on twitter and blogs I follow.  I have experienced a little jealousy:  Another Hungry Vegan shared a photo of a Gardein brand fish-less fish fillet and I mourned.

I don’t miss a great deal from my pre-vegan life.  If I miss anything, it’s usually junk food which I don’t need to be eating anyway.  Things like hot dogs or fish sticks.  I grew up eating fish sticks.  Both my parents worked so I was responsible for making sure my brother and I got fed.  I cooked easy food: food like fish sticks.  Not the healthiest food choice but there’s no denying they’re tasty and I miss them.  Then I saw that photo on the blog and was so excited Gardein made a vegan option.  Now, how to find it?

I didn’t have to look too hard.  I had to return some light bulbs to Super Target and, on a whim, I checked the freezer section.  What to my wondering eye should appear?  A bag of Gardein brand fish-less fish fillets!  I performed a happy dance in the aisle.  Now, I could only hope they would live up to my expectations.

I have tried some awful meat substitutes but Gardein has never steered me wrong.  I could write odes to their various products but I promise I won’t: I did list my favorites here if anyone is interested in trying the brand.  I have tried a vegan fish substitute I won’t ever try again so I will admit some hesitation before purchasing Gardein’s but my trust for the brand made the hesitation momentary.  Home with me they came.

Tonight, I took the opportunity of trying them.  I’ve been doing laundry and ironing today; all the excuse I needed for an easy reminiscent-of-my-childhood meal.  I added some onion rings to my baking sheet to round out a meal I anticipated being wonderful.  I made some tartar sauce-Just Mayo and pickle relish mixed together in equal amounts-to serve on the side and, when the twenty cooking minutes were up, tucked in.

Gardein pulled through for me again.  Their fish-less fillets are better than the ones I remember from my childhood.  The golden coating bakes crispy after 20 minutes in the oven (flipping halfway through) and the texture is perfect.  I wouldn’t recommend them for daily consumption for health as well as fiscal reasons-only six in the package 😦 – but, if you’ve been missing fish sticks, find a bag of these.  You won’t be sorry.

Another Fabulous Vegan Substitute

Another Fabulous Vegan Substitute