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Do any of my fellow Nebraskans remember those old Romeo’s adds?  Nacho typical menu, nacho typical food…It will take days for me to get that song out of my head.

After a night spent in Norfolk celebrating the graduation, my family and I headed to Omaha to visit with my step-father’s sister and, as always, my family was wondering where can Kate eat?  I’d done some research and had found this helpful website.  My mom and I were reading off options when my stepfather suggested Romeo’s.  That wasn’t on the list but we googled the menu and found that there were a few bean options.  Romeo’s was a go.

Again, I found myself ordering off the side menu.  I ordered Frijoles, Spanish rice, and guacamole from the side dish menu and chips and salsa from the appetizer menu.  My family and I found it strange the chips and salsa weren’t complimentary but that didn’t end up being cause for complaint: we were given tubs of chips; enough my step auntie took some home for her grandsons.  Out of my various tubs of food, I made my own nachos.  A crispy chip, a spoonful of beans, another of rice, top with salsa and a smear of guac and chow down.  They were quite satisfying.  The chips weren’t overly salty or greasy and neither were the beans.  Not bad, though I say it myself.


Creating Vegan Nachos

The beans were smushed rather than re-fried.  I asked the waitress and she said the beans are made fresh every day.  Since they aren’t canned, I’m fairly certain they don’t contain lard but I can’t be sure and I find there are limits to what I’m comfortable asking.  I can’t be that vegan that grills the waitstaff on how something is cooked, what oils are used, and whether or not something is completely vegan.  Knowing that about myself, I agree with Christina Pirello, Alicia Silverstone, and Sassy Knudson who all say “do the best you can”.  I did ask how the beans were prepared (hence my knowledge that they were pinto beans smushed together) and the waitress did say they would come with cheese on the top but she could ask them to leave it off.  I thanked her graciously, didn’t ask any more questions, and set to enjoying my meal.

I have never encountered unpleasant waitstaff.  People have always been willing to accommodate me and answer my questions and perhaps they wouldn’t mind more in-depth questions.  Perhaps I’ll get over my fear of being a pain.  Perhaps not.  Until then, I’ll do the best I can and enjoy nachos.


I know it’s blurry: I have to practice taking a picture with one hand while holding food with the other.