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I was astonished to have my social calendar explode during the month of February.  Shortly after my trip to Nebraska, I got together with an ex co-worker of mine.  We hadn’t had a chance to catch up in person for quite some time and our only questions was; where do we go?  We were both in the Greenwood Village area and my friend suggested Mod Market.  Many of my current co-workers regularly eat there and a quick perusal of their website told me it was vegan friendly.  I was game and the date was set.

We met at the restaurant shortly after 4pm and, if you are meeting with friends and want to be able to sit and talk without being interrupted, Mod Market before 6pm is your place.  It didn’t fill up all that much after 6pm on a Monday night so my friend and I were left alone until we’d talked ourselves out and were ready to leave.  I’d adjusted my work hours during the day so had eaten lunch rather late and thus didn’t feel up to trying the sesame tofu plate.  I will be returning to Mod Market to do so but, this particular visit, I ordered a seasonal sandwich; the Eggplant Goat minus the goat (cheese).

Eggplant is a touchy veggie for me.  I’ve had eggplant cutlets that are incredible and then I’ve had slimy slices of eggplant that turn the stomach.  I’m always hesitant to order eggplant as I don’t know which variant is going to arrive but I’m striving to be adventurous so I gave it a try.

The sandwich looked a bit frightening when it arrived but this is definitely one where looks are deceiving.  The eggplant was not slimy, the charred onion added smoky flavor, and the harisa tahini was that perfect spicy that leaves a layer of tingle on the tongue but doesn’t make eating so painful one gives up in tears.


The sandwich came with a pickle!

The sandwich was surprisingly filling.  My friend and I occupied a corner of the restaurant for three hours and the sandwich didn’t leave me starving an hour after consuming it.  I could have added a side dish if I’d wanted and I look forward to trying the rosemary sweet potato mash when I visit again.  Side note: that sounds so good I may try them at home.  With a side dish and a beverage, I think this sandwich could have made a satisfying meal.

I tried my first kombucha at Mod Market.  I’ve had people recommend it to me before and know some hearty souls that ferment their own.  I’m adding more and more fermented foods into my diet but, while I purchased Fermented VegetablesI have yet to ferment anything at home much less try my own kombucha.  Part of me has been wary to try it and that wariness was completely without foundation.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The helpful waitress at Mod Market warned me not to shake the bottle; a useful tip as there’s sediment on the bottom and I may have shaken it without thinking.

Kombucha is naturally effervescent.  This appeals to me because I have a weird allergy I’ve never been able to pin down but drinking anything with a citrus flavoring makes my lips swell; which can be fun until my throat closes as well.  This being so, I avoid all sodas and fizzy drinks unless I make them myself with plain soda water.  With the kombucha, I was able to enjoy the fizz without the near death experience.  And, all those healthy probiotics made me feel quite virtuous.

kombucha (2)

Catching up with my friend was the highlight of the evening and I thank her for suggesting somewhere my vegan self could eat.  I don’t eat in Greenwood Village much but Mod Market is now one of my go-to places whenever I find myself frequenting the area.