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I recently had to go out of town for an overnight visit and my destination was a small town in Colorado I was certain wouldn’t be vegan friendly.  I checked out restaurants in the area and neither the Asian or Mexican food place had very high reviews.  As my only other options were steak and burgers, I put together a survival kit.

This kit was a little different as I knew I would have access to an oven.  This opened up the survival kit to include a frozen Daiya brand pizza.  I knew I could keep it frozen in a cooler until time to cook it and purchasing the pizza meant I wouldn’t be spending money at a restaurant.  The pizza was on sale so it cost me about 6 bucks: I’ve never been able to put a vegan meal together for that while eating out.  I also included my french press: something I don’t travel with very often.  I figured odds of it getting broken during an overnight stay were fairly slim and I knew I would need excellent, fresh coffee in the morning.  A little chocolate almond milk as coffee creamer and I’d be ready to go.

While the french press isn’t a staple in my survival kits, my electric kettle is.  I think it was Sassy at Vegan Coach who first suggested getting one but I don’t remember for certain.  Whoever it was, it was a genius idea.  A traveling kettle lets me make tea, oatmeal, and soup.  Instant oatmeal and containers of soup are integral parts of my survival kits.  I like Dr. McDougall’s brand: just add water and dinner is instant!  I didn’t bring instant oatmeal with me this time.  I had access to a refrigerator as well as an oven so made some overnight oats with oatmeal, chia seeds, dates, cinnamon, and almond milk.  Give it a mix, stick it in the fridge and breakfast is ready the next morning.  I included some pecans and figured my protein needs were covered.  Almost.

I never travel without packets of peanut butter.  Justin’s is one of my go to brands but Wild Friends make some fun combinations and aren’t too expensive.  I’d used all my Wild Friends peanut butter from my last road trip but Justin’s saved the day.  I popped two packets into my carry on in case I needed a protein boost.  I also included a scoop of my Amazing Meal Chocolate Meal Replacement and a container of rice milk so I’d have a smoothie the next day just in case.  Just in case what?  Who knows what can happen in the wilds of Colorado?

I admit it: I may over plan.

I finished off my survival kit with two cookies from the Alternative Baking Company: an oatmeal raisin and lemon poppy seed.  These are fabulous vegan cookies and they travel very well.  I could think of several more things I should take with me; again, just in case, but only had so much space in my carry-on.  I decided my survival was assured and quit packing.

Sure enough, I didn’t need half of what I packed but I like to be prepared for any  eventuality.  I’m certain that, next time, I won’t pack half so much.  😉