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I know, Donovan is cringing.


The day my friend flew into town she met up with another friend of hers in the airport.  The two of them were flying in and out on the same flights and it made sense for my mother and I to give both of them a lift to the airport.  The last day of my friend’s visit found us on the 16th Street Mall, meeting up with her friend and looking for a place to eat.

I’d planned on eating at Native Foods.  I knew there was a location on the 16th Street Mall.  What I did not know was that particular location was permanently closed.  The four of us were left standing on the Mall at a loss as to where to go next.  Fortunately, my friend’s friend had heard of Mellow Mushroom, had heard it served good pizza, and was supposed to be good place for vegans and non-vegans alike.  My friend pulled out her trusty smartphone and Google maps told us where to go.

The Mellow Mushroom suggestion saved the day.  There was chicken wings, pizza, and decadent desserts for the non-vegans and more than one option for me.  Tofu and Tempeh were both offered on the menu; something that’s so rare I had to take a photograph, although I had a hard time with the overhead lights.  🙂


I’ll be going back to try both the Tofu and the Tempeh

I didn’t think I was hungry enough to do justice to either of those meals and ordered the pita sandwiches instead.  Mellow Mushroom gives good value for a dollar: I expected one pita sandwich and ended up with two.  I tried, I really did, but couldn’t eat them both.

I can’t say enough good things about Mellow Mushroom.  My sandwiches were perfect.  The hummus was creamy and was a perfect balance of tahini, garlic, and chickpeas.  No one ingredient overpowered another.  It wasn’t too rich nor too salty nor mixed with any exotic ingredient.  Just good, plain, hummus.  The lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers were fresh, crisp, and juicy, and the sprouts tasted clean.  Anyone who has had bad sprouts knows what I’m talking about.  I’ve had experiences where the sprouts taste like they haven’t been washed or else they’ve been washed but weren’t thoroughly rinsed.  Both are disgusting.

Not my experience at Mellow Mushroom.  As we were driving directly to the airport, I didn’t take my leftovers with me and it was difficult to walk away from the food.  I’ve got to go back to Mellow Mushroom and try the other vegan options, but I have a feeling I’ll be ordering the hummus pita sandwiches again.


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