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While I was across state lines being introduced to the newest member of our family, I was able to stay with a woman I’ve been friends with for decades.  Not only did she offer up her guestroom but in true long-term friend fashion, made reservations for us at Modern Love.  This gesture was especially loving as my friend is not a vegan and regards some of the vegan substitutions *cough seitan cough* with a wary eye.  It was a perfect evening for me: I got to go to a completely vegan restaurant and my friend drove me.  Good food and no effort on my part other than hauling myself into the passenger seat.

I am still unused to going to vegan restaurants and tend to get overwhelmed when I can order anything on the menu.  I wanted Mac n’ Shews, Seitan Buffalo Wings, the Hummus Plate-a little of everything-but could neither afford nor eat that much.  My friend had one of her work friends join us and the three of us decided to get different things and sample.  I ordered the Seitan Buffalo Wings and Tortilla Soup as my contributions to the feeding frenzy.


I Can Have Whatever I Want!

My fellow diners ordered the Roasted Garlic Hummus and the Citrus Beet Salad.  An extremely nice Server brought all of our food at the same time and the three of us tucked in.

Get the Hummus plate.  Ours came with rosemary flatbread that was utterly incredible.  If we’d eaten nothing else, we’d have been satisfied.  Fortunately, everything else was just as tasty.

I’d never had Seitan Wings before.  Seitan is something I’ve had to develop a taste for although taste isn’t the problem; it’s texture.  I’ve tried making my own seitan twice and it’s been inedible both times.  I’ve yet to get the texture right.  Modern Love does not have that problem: their wings were perfectly firm and the flavor just right.  With the seitan triangles breaded and coated in spicy buffalo sauce…well, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Except the Tortilla Soup.  I should have thought ahead and not purchased two spicy items but I’m not complaining.  The soup was a great hit, even with my skeptical non-vegan friend.  I had a great deal of soup left over-the Seitan Wings were filling enough-and I put the leftovers in my friend’s fridge, confident she’d enjoy them.

We all three were stuffed after sampling each other’s meals and yet it was a first visit to Modern Love for each of us; how could we refuse dessert?  We three talked it over and thought we’d have enough room if we split something.  We decided on the ice cream sundae.

Modern Love’s ice cream sundae is a scoop of vanilla dairy free ice cream, a scoop of chocolate, salted maple caramel, candied peanuts, coconut whip, and a cherry.  Due to allergies at the table, we left off the coconut whip but didn’t miss it.  Dessert at Modern Love is well worth indulging in.

I don’t often make it back to Omaha, NE but Modern Love is definitely one of my go to places for future visits.  There are many more scrumptious sounding items on the menu I have got to try.