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Happy World Poetry Day, Everyone!

I love poetry and have been amassing a collection for years.  I can’t say I have a favorite poet but will say I’m partial to Edna St. Vincent Millay, Robert Frost, and re-read The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam on a regular basis.

To celebrate World Poetry Day, here’s one I was inspired to write after spending some time reading The Song of Solomon.  I haven’t been able to think of a title but here it is.

My pulse pounds in my ears

My blood rushes through my veins

My entire being is poised, waiting,

Anticipating the moment my Beloved comes.

My heart beats his name

The rhythm perfect, yet not

Missing something-poised, waiting,

Longing for the moment my Beloved comes.

My whole self strains

Hoping for the sound of his voice

My eyes are closed-poised, waiting,

Dreaming of the moment my Beloved comes.

My lips part

My breath stills

I am here poised, waiting,

Yearning for the moment my Beloved comes.